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Do you frequently transfer money around the globe? At General Payments we aim to help you conduct business internationally at the lowest possible cost. With SWIFT Payments, pricey international transfer fees have become a thing of the past. Allowing you to send money abroad in 35 different currencies and enjoy the most favourable exchange rates, SWIFT Payments are simple, safe, transparent and quick!

What are SWIFT payments?

A SWIFT transfer, often known as an international money transfer, is a safe and
standardized way for banks all over the world to send or receive money. SWIFT codes let
businesses that accept payments globally identify banks so that funds can be withdrawn and
deposited at the proper locations. It is a quick, precise, and safe way to send money abroad.

Advantages of using SWIFT Payments with GPG?


Each and every transfer is safeguarded by a multi-tiered security mechanism.


Payment procedures are fine-tuned to make all money transfers as quick and easy as possible.


Real-time notifications let you trace same-day cross-border payments.

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