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Get global with GPG!

Our multi-currency wallets grant you access to the worldwide market and allow you to move money across borders with ease. Whether you are at home or on-the- go, with just a
few clicks you can use any local payment network to make and receive payments in 35
different currencies. It’s simple, safe, and doesn’t involve any banks at all!

What does Currency Exchange do?

General Payments offers a variety of currency exchange services via its online-based global
payments platform. Our services include full account management, instant notifications of foreign exchange transactions, and multi-currency wallets.

The benefits of using Currency Exchange:


Enjoy total autonomy over your foreign payments by setting up a multi-currency account that you yourself administer.


Domestic and international transactions have never been simpler. Payment fees and rates are clearly stated so that you can plan your payments with ease.

More options

Using your unique account credentials you can receive, convert and pay out funds in more than 35 different currencies.

General Payments

Make your money work smarter around the world.